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Blade Boudreaux

GM: When and how did you get started in wrestling?

BB: I grew up watching wrestling. I grew up in Louisiana during the glory days of Mid-South Wrestling. I knew I wanted to be a wrestler. After serving some time in the military I got in touch with Outlaw Don Bass and he agreed to train me. I made my debut in Dec. 1995.

GM: What promotions do you work for and have worked for in the past?

BB: I work all over. I've worked throughout Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, the Carolinas, everywhere. I currently work for Power Pro out of Memphis, the CWA out of Corinth, Ms., and several other indy promotions. I'm about to start working in Alabama.

GM: What are your goals as a pro wrestler?

BB: I want to keep improving my skills in the ring and hopefully, before too long, I'll get my shot with either WCW or WWF. I've talked with both recently and I"m just waiting to get my shot.

GM: What has been the match that you are most proud of that you have participated in?

BB: Wow, there have been a few. I guess the one that really stands out in my mind would be a cage match I had with Randy Rocket. That was a really good match.

GM: Do you have any funny or interesting things that have happened to you having to do with pro wrestling?

BB: Not really. I guess I'm not that far into my career yet. Check back with me on that one. (Laughs)

GM: What do you percieve the current condidtion of Indpendent Wrestling to be?

BB: I think the independent scene is starting to pick back up. Wrestling in general is really hot right now. When WCW and WWF are doing good business it helps the indy scene some. There are so many promotions starting up. Some survive but most don't, unfortunately. Wrestling is good right now though. It's popular again. That's good for us in the business.

GM: Is there anybody in your area that you think could be breaking into the big two soon?

BB: There are a lot of good workers on the independent scene right now. I hate to start naming names because I don't want to leave anyone out. I worked a show recently with Atomic Dogg and he's talking to WCW. I've had contact with both WWF and WCW recently. There are good workers on independent shows. We're just waiting for the break to put us in one of the big two.

GM: Do you have anything you would like to plug? shows, sites?

BB: My website is located at If anyone visits please sign the guestbook. On my website you can find information about my merchandise and my fan club. People can e-mail me at

GM: Is there anything else you would like to add?

BB: Thanks for the interview. I hope to meet all of my fans at the matches and I would urge wrestling fans to go out and see some of the independent shows. Thanks again.