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AT Huck

Date interview was done: 1/25/99

GM: How did you get started in pro wrestling?

AH: I never put much thought into being in the sport out side of me and Frank wanting to have a TV show that showed wrestling from all over. This was in the mid eighties when we talked about that. I got my start in wrestling by chance. One day I met "Sweet Daddy" Malcolm Monroe at a Perry Drug Store. I recognized him watching wrestling over the years. I'm not the type who asks for autographs but my wife made me say somthing to him. We had a few words and that was it. Months later I ran into him again, we talked in great detail. I gave him my phone number. One day he called me up and said that he was going to start running shows again. He asked if I'd like to referee. The rest is history.

GM: What got you interested in pro wrestling?

AT: what got me interested in wrestling? My older sister was flicking channels and the Sheik doing something crazy on an interview, like eating a picture of someone. I said "what is this" she replied you haven't seen this before? Its wrestling. I had to be about six or seven years old at the time. I remember Dory Funk, Jr. was champ.

GM: What promotions do you work for and have worked for in the past?

AH: I work for Extreme Championship Wrestling. Just this past weekend Paul said he wants me on all of his TV. I also help run Insane Champioship Wrestling based in Detroit.

I've worked for just about all the independent promotoins here in Michigan except for some of the newer ones.

GM: You've been working as a ECW referee off and on lately, will you maybe be working for them full time soon?

AH: You will see a lot more of me in ECW.

GM: The Insane Championship Wrestling promotion out of Detroit which you are apart of has been out of action in recent months, but I hear talk of a big reform and the possibility of big name stars from the WWF and ECW coming to ICW when they return, what information can you give us at this time on the reform of ICW?

AH: It's true. Malcolm Monroe put me and Frantic Frank back in charge. The three of us ran ICW back in its early days. We plan to start running again soon but we don't want to rush. We kind of needed a break, take a few steps back and look at things. As far as who we will use, at this point we have'nt talked to anyone. The posibilities are great.

GM: What has been your favorite match to ref in your career?

AH: Man I have a lot. The Sheik -vs- BoBo Brazil, Sabu -vs- 2 Cold Scorpio and Al Snow -vs- Chris Benoit to name a few.

GM: Who do you think out of the Detroit area has a good chance of making it to the Big 3 soon?

AH: Rhino Rhichards just got a deal with ECW. I think Joe E. Legend is ready. He's a very good worker.

GM: What are your long term and short term goals in pro wrestling?

AH: Long term I would love to be in The WWF or WCW, right now, I'm just glad to work with Extreme Championship Wrestling. I know guys who would give their right arm to work with a great promotion like ECW.

GM: Do you have any other comments you would like to make?

I'd like to tell all the fans to support local independent wrestling. Without independent wrestling there would be no WWF, WCW, or ECW.

GM: Do you have anything you would like to plug, shows? websites? Ect?

AH: Just support independent wrestling.