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Bill Behrens Interview

GM: When did you get started in pro wrestling:

Bill Behrens: I've syndicated wrestling shows to television and cable for at least a decade, and have been a fan since my family moved to Florida in the mid-1960s and I first saw Florida Championship Wrestling. In fact the first match I remember had Johnny Valentine destroying someone in the ring...I was hooked.

GM: What promotions do you work for and have worked for in the past.

BB: Continental, Florida Championship, IWF, WCW, WWF, SMW, USWA, and now MCW.

GM; Do you feel that MCW can recapture what the USWA had in its prime?

BB: Tougher question than it sounds. USWA/CWA was built over over 30 years of promoting well in the same area, then a brief national push, then more regional success. It will be tough to realize what USWA/CWA fans responded to over many years. What we will do is grow while running a traditional wrestling circuit (Nashville on Sat/Louisville on Tuesday every week). We just drew our largest gate in Nashville and our best paid attendance in Louisville. We can only try, and hope to recapture what USWA/CWA meant to fans in this area.

GM: What got you interested in pro wrestling?

BB: Watching wrestling as a kid...Gordon Solie was a great announcer who taught fans to respect the sport, and Eddie Graham put on great shows.

GM: Is the deal still on for you and an investment group to become the owner of MCW in October of 98?

BB: Nothing has changed since the announcement, and everything is on schedule.

GM: Is there any thing you would like to plug? sites, shows, etc.

BB: Fans should know to visit our site MCWRESTLING.COM....while there sign up for MCW reports to stay up to date.

GM: Is there any other comments you would like to make?

BB: This a good time for pro wrestling fans, but also a time when fans should be careful what shows they attend. If fans have young childen, they must be aware that some promotions or shows may not be for kids.

GM: Would you like to make your email address available to the fans?

BB: Sure:

GM: Thank you for your time

BB: No problem