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Brian Gorie

Date interview done: 7/21/98

GM: How did you get started in Pro Wrestling?

BG: I started watching wrestling back in 91' and i attended my 1st indy show back on April 9th 1994. The show was MTW, run by Gary Warrenchak and the main event was Sabu vs. Terry Funk. After seeing that, I was hooked to indy wrestling. In May 1995 I started taping MTW shows with a handheld video camera and in Sept 95, I was the official tape dealer for MTW and a few months later, I was also tape dealer for Great Lakes Wrestling and Championship Wrestling Federation. In March 97, I started ring announcing for Scott Zienstra in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After that, I started refin' and the rest is history.

GM: Why did you choose to become a referee?

BG: Well, i didn't really choose...I was kinda forced into it. At a show, there was no ref and I was scheduled to ring announce. the back, a few workers commented "Well, i guess Gorie's refin' so.... I was thrown an inside out black t-shirt and told to ref without havng a clue. Shaboom...i was a ref. After some training, the next month we did an angle where i was "fired as a ring announcer and rehired as a heel ref.

GM: What promotion's have you worked for as a referee?

BG: Championship Wrestling of Michigan, Northern States Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Worldwide, Cleveland Wrestling Alliance, Michigan Wrestling Alliance, and soon to be, Insane Championship Wrestling and Great Lakes Wrestling.

GM: When do you think the NSWA will make its comeback?

BG: The only thing wrestling I'm concerned about at the Wayne Ford Civic League in Westland, Mich is GLW(Great Lakes Wrestling, which returns this fall.

GM: Are there any local guys in the Michigan area you think will be making it big soon?

BG: Jimi V already had the tryout w/ the WWF vs. Taka and I hope he makes it. He's a real nice guy and a hell of a light heavy weight. Don Montoya isn't exactly from Michigan but, he works around here and, in my opinion, one of the best big guys in the business today. What other 350 lb. guys out there are doing dives? That's what I thought

GM: Have you suffered any injuries in the ring?

BG: Too many..Suffered a mild concussion off of a chokeslam from Jason the 13th at a CWM show. I have permanent scars on my back thanks to Deathdealer's kendo stick. Getting sprayed with Doink's squirtgun and getting drenched off of the pail of water didn't hurt but, it wasn't exactly fun.

GM: What has been your favorite match to ref?

BG: I don't have a favorite match...their all fun. 4-Way Dance with Reckless Youth, Don Montoya, Lance Diamond, and Twiggy Ramirez was probaly my hardest, though.

GM: Is there anything you would like to plug?

BG: Sure, check out the at

GM: Thank you for your time.

BG: You're certainly welcome.