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Cat Taylor

GM: How did you get started in pro wrestling?

CT: Basically, I suppose like most everyone else, as a kid I was wrestling fan so the interest started there. When I got older I went to college and started performing in rock bands, so I learned about the business world and the entertainment world. When my last band started to fall apart, I started thinking about what direction to go and what to do with my education and I came back to pro wrestling.

I knew it was a tight circle and it would be hard for a little guy to get involved, even as a manager, but I had plenty of money and knew that the USWA had a training school, so I figured that would at least give me a chance of getting a foot in the door. So, I started training with the wanna-be wrestlers. I was basically getting my ass beat because that's what they do with people who they don't think have a lot of potential. However, I hung in there and learned as much as I could, because I knew I was no athlete but I figured eventually I'd find someone to let me manage him.

Eventually, Randy Hales booked one of the trainees, a guy named J. Thunder in a match at All-Star Wrestling in Paducah, KY (Hey, you've got to start somewhere) and J. agreed to let me manage him and everything took off from there.

Oh yeah, and while I was training, a friend of mine, and former wrestler, named "Luscious" Leslie Love gave me some inside advice to help me out.

GM: Who do you manage now and who have you managed in the past?

CT: Wow that's a pretty long list. I don't think I could possibly remember everybody but I'll try and hit on some of the main ones. Currently, I'm managing the B.W.O., Damien, and Jammer in Southern Tennessee Wrestling, and Hot Rod Biggs, Dante and his Disciple, Ninja, and Bruiser Brown in No Fear Wrestling. Also, I'm currently negotiating with some of the wrestlers in NWA Worldwide and am close to some agreements, so by the time you run this interview there should be some more names on the list.

CT: In the past I have also managed, Chris Michaels, Todd Morton, Ashley Hudson, Shiek, Tracey Smothers, Tony Falk, Faron Foxx, Ben Jordan, Gator McAlister, Roy D. Presley, Mark Gordy, Troy Eaton, Chris Kern, Blackie West, Shane Morton, Gary Valiant, Strictly Business, Moondogs, Brandon Walker, Mark Nitrous, Doug Gilbert, and Bull Pain, just to name a few.

GM: What promotions do you currently work for and what promotions have you worked for in the past?

CT: Currently I work for Southern Tennessee Wrestling, who run cards on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month at Jake's Auction Center in McMinnville, TN and on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month at the Community Center in Petersburg, TN.

I also work for No Fear Wrestling, who run cards every other Sunday at Charlie's Corner in Dickson, TN and also, NWA Worldwide and they run cards all over the place, but mainly at the Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN every Friday and Saturday night.

In the past I have also worked for New South Wrestling (now known as Southern All-Star), Columbia Championship Wrestling, NWF, KIWF, All-Star Wrestling, and I've popped in on a few Southern Extreme and Powerslam shows as well.

GM: What got you interested in pro wrestling?

CT: It's hard to say, I started watching it with some friends when I was in the 3rd grade and I never stopped and just became more and more interested and involved from there.

GM: What are your goals as a manager in pro wrestling, both short term and long term?

CT: My short term goals are to get myself re-established in some sort of pivotal role in NWA Worldwide. Hanging out on the sidelines and negotiating for position isn't my idea of fun, but I guarantee all that's about to change. I can't say too much else just yet but I will become more active in the promotion very, very soon.

My long term goal is to re-establish the prominence of the manager's role in pro-wrestling. In case you haven't noticed, managers (other than women with silicone breasts) haven't been utilized much in the bigger companies lately. I'm planning on changing that. A manager can be a very valuable tool in the WWF or WCW still. They just don't realize it, or have forgotten how to properly utilize them.

GM: Who do you feel in the southern indys have a good chance at making it to the big two some day?

CT: There's a lot of guys with suberb wrestling ability. There are also a lot of people who have great gimmicks, and there are a lot of people who are in great physical shape but to make it to the "big two" it takes someone with all three, plus someone with the right kind of connections and personality to get someone to give him or her a break, and there seems to be a shortage of people with the entire combination of these things. I think Brandon Walker has as good a shot as anybody, Ashley Hudson's also a good possibility. Recon and Tracey Smothers could get another go. Maybe Flash Flanagan. Wolfie D's good enough to make it despite his size. Kory Williams, Chris Michaels, Brickhouse Brown, Lance Jade. If he sticks with it maybe, Alcatraz. Krull the Deathstalker could if he were more serious about it. Hot Rod Biggs could if he would establish a good bodybuilding program. Like I say, the possibilities are there but so many things can make or break a guy.

GM: Are there any other comments you would like to add?

CT: Yeah, if you want to follow this up around February after I reveal my plans for NWA Worldwide, you know how to contact me.

GM: Is there anything you would like to plug? shows? sites? ect..

CT: Sure, if you get a chance, check out Columbia Championship Wrestling at the Armory in Columbia, TN. They put on matches the 3rd and 5th Saturday of each month. It's one of the best independent shows around. Also, look for the independent wrestling publication, Pro Wrestling Scene. They cover all the independent Southeast wrestlers and are currently running a ballot for the "Best of 1998." They can be reached at or P.O. Box 41851, Nashville, TN 37204. I think their magazines are $3.00 each plus $1.00 postage and handling. I know, they're a little expensive but they are a small publication with no advertising revenue and it's well worth the cost. KIWF runs excellent cards on occasional Fridays in Madisonville, KY at the Armory. If you live in the Nashville area there's a pro wrestling radio show on 91.1 FM every Wednesday night at 10pm CST. Finally, Hot Rod Biggs has a pretty neat web page called HRB's world. The address is'sworld