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Dylan Summers

GM: How old are you:

DS: I am 25 on July 13.

GM: When did you get started in pro wrestling?

DS: My very first match was Jan 2, 1998.

GM: What promotions do you work for and have worked for in the past?

DS: I am currently with the Power Pro Wrestling Federation. My first few matches were with the CWA ( Continental Wrestling Association), but they went out of business.

GM: What has been your toughest opponent?

DS: Unfortunately no one. I am still looking for an opponent that will challenge me mentally as well as physically. I have wrestled a lot of strong guys that were dumb as rocks (one time in Corsicana, TX my opponent broke his own nose suplexing me)and I have wrestled a lot of smart guys that were weak as hell.

GM: What got you interested in pro wrestling?

DS: It is my life's passion. It has been inside of me for as long as I remember. I don't know what it is. I guess it is a combination of showing my ability to everyone, and proving something to myself.

GM: Is there any thing you would like to plug? sites, shows, etc.

DS: My next match is in Irving, TX on July 19th at Texas Stadium, as well as I will be wrestling regularly at The Sportatorium when it re-opens. I will be visiting relatives in West Virginia in September, so if any promoters are looking for new talent email me at

GM: Is there any other comments you would like to make?

DS: Yes, the credit for everything I ever accomplish belongs to Black Bart. He is the man that took a chance on me and gave me my start in this great sport. It is really too bad that everyone does not get to know this great man as well as I do. He may be a villain in the game of wrestling, but in the game of life, he truly is one of the good guys.

DS: Would you like to make your email address available to the fans? Sure, I love to hear what people think of my matches.

GM: Thank you for your time.

DS: Thank you and please keep in touch.