ECW Pictures
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Pictures taken at either HeatWave 98, a Indianapolis House Show, Lansing House Show, and a South Bend houseshow.

Pics taken at South Bend House Show on June 18th 1999

A bloodied Dvon Dudley

An Extreme Closeup of Spike Dudley

A closeup of a battered Buh Buh Dudley

Lance Storm battling RVD

Steve Corino

Buh Buh Dudley puts Balls Mahoney thru a thumb tack table

Other ECW Pics

Your ECW champ, Taz (Lansing, Michigan 1/21/99)

Sabu, RVD, and the Phonz celebrate their victory (Lansing, Michigan 1/21/99)

Dudleys being bombarded with cups thrown from the crowd (Lansing, Michigan 1/21/99)

Sabu balanced on the ropes (Lansing, Michigan 1/21/99)

Bill Alphonso shows what he thinks of Lansing (Lansing, Michigan 1/21/99)

A close up of Dvon Dudley (Lansing, Michigan 1/21/99

Sabu and RVD put the Dudleys thru a table (Lansing Michigan 1/21/99)

Spike dives off the top of a ladder

New Jack grabs a chair

New Jack gets jumped outside the Hara Arena

Tommy Dreamer and some goof