ECW Pictures
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Pictures taken from the first ECW TNN taping at the Toledo, OH Seagate Center on August 14th.

Updated Aug. 23rd with more pics from the event

ECW's Televeison Champ Rob VanDam

Sabu landing on Justin Credible in the crowd

Lance Storm and his injured arm

Lance Storm and the lovley Dawn Marie

A EXTREME CLOSEUP of Balls Mahoney

Dvon going to work on Balls with a cheese grater!!!!

Spike Dudley about to get powerbombed thru two flaming tables

Dreamer about to get involved in Corino's match

Jazz giving Corino a bronco buster

All the midcarders pile in the ring

Taz suplexing Rhino thru a table

New Jack putting the hurt on Roadkill

Sabu doing a triple jump legdrop on RVD

The VanDaminator heard round the world!!!

Danny Doring's ring rat

Doring about to give Chris Chetti a double arm underhook suplex

Super Crazy coming off the top

Joey Styles welcomes us to the first TNN taping

Joel Gernter interupts Joey Styles

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