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NiteStic Eddie Brown

GM: How old are you?

NEB: I am 25 years old.

GM: When did you get started in pro wrestling?

NEB: I had my pro debut on July 18,1997 in Raeford NC under the flag of NWA2000.

GM: What promotions do you work for and have worked for in the past?

NEB: I work for few promotions but the main ones are NWA2000,Southern Championship Wrestling, International Wrestling Federation.

GM: Is there anyone in NWA 2000 that you think could be moving up to the big two soon?

NEB: I think there is a lot of great talent in the NWA2000. I would like to see all the NWA2000 champions go to one of the big two.

GM: What has been your toughest opponent?

NEB: My toughest opponent has been the road. Traveling all the time is ruff on the body but that is another story. I would have to say Timber the lumber jack because he is a 300lb high flyer who uses every Ariel move you can think of doing. He is very talented but I will take him because I am also.

GM: What got you interested in pro wrestling?

NEB: I always love pro-wrestling and geared my high school days toward it. I was a dreamer then but now look at me, American Heritage champ and looking for more gold. I am proof dreams do come true if you work at them hard enough.

GM: Is there any thing you would like to plug? sites, shows, etc.

NEB: Yes there is, I would like you all to check out my web site at and for the very best and up to date news on NWA2000 and wrestling news and rumors.

GM: Thank you for your time.

NEB: Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. TGBTG