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Geoff Scott

Date interview was done: 01/14/00

GM: When did you get started in pro wrestling?

Geoff: I got my start in pro wrestling in 1991 when I met a pro wrestler who wrestled as the Masked Executioner. We became friends and he started taking me to all the WCW matches. I started becoming friends with people like Shane Douglas, Marcus Bagwell, Sting, Jake Roberts, ect... Shane Douglas said I should find a wrestling school to go to. I looked into it and 1 hour away from my house was the Monster Factory in Maryland run by Duane Gill. I signed up and started training with Duane, Axl Rotten, Ramblin Rich Myers, ect... About 1 month later I got a call from Duane saying that he had a match for me in the WWF wrestling Tatanka. I said HELL YEAH!! That was my start.

GM: When did you first get interested in pro wrestling?

Geoff: I first got interested in pro wrestling as a very little kid. I always watched WWF every Sunday and I was a huge fan of the Rock and Wrestling cartoon on Sat. mornings. I always saw myself out there in the spotlight working with all the big names.

GM: Growing up who were some of the people you looked up to in pro wrestling?

Geoff: I was a huge fan in the 80's of the Hulkster of course. I think my idol was Barry Windom though. When Windom and Rotundo had that fued with Volkolf and The Iron Sheik I thought Barry was the best. Also I looked up to Piper, SuperFly, and even JYD. If you notice, all of these guys really got the crowd excited about wrestling. Thats important!

GM: What are your goals as a promotor? short term and long term?

Geoff: My goals as a promotor are as follows: Short Term (1 year or less) Give Toledo Ohio one hell of a show once a month. To build a family of about 40 wrestlers that I can count on to show up when called upon. To draw 500-1500 every single show. Most importat- to treat the wrestlers with the respect that they deserve and not to ever have the attitude "I'm letting you wrestle for me, I'm doing you the favor, Its my way or the highway" I don't know when promotors started treating wrestlers this way, but its crap and it stops with me!!!! Long Term (1 year Plus) I would like to take my family on the road with a TV deal possibly Pay Per View. Still running shows once a month in Toledo, but expanding my wings to other cities as well.

GM: Tell us about your show that you have coming up on March 11th in Toledo, Ohio.

Geoff: My show on March 11th will have at least 1000 people attending. One word for the show, AWESOME, you will have to see it to believe it. Stars include: Rip Malibu, Mad Man Pondo, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Dan "The Beast" Severn, Gillberg, Ramblin Rich, Maxx Intensity, Chris Hero, and much much more.

GM: Who do you consider to be some of the top wrestlers on the independent circuit right now?

Geoff: There are many people right now in the indies that are super talents and should definitley be on contract somewhere. Rip Malibu is unbelievable. This guy puts on a match better than some of the best- A very honest guy too, whcih is hard to find. Pondo is show stopping. Chris Hero is great. Maxx Intensity will be going places watch out.

GM: Do you have any websites you would like to plug?

Geoff: MWF

GM: Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Geoff: I would just like to thank a few people. The fans because without them the show would not go on. The wrestlers for taking so much crap and making so little to follow a dream, Rip Malibu for all he has done, and my fiance Angie for standing by my side and helping out so much!