IWA Pictures
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Pictures from this page were taken at the IWA show on Aug. 7th 1999 in Oolitic, IN.

Note: one of the rolls of film was overexposed or somthing, thus a few of the pics will have a greenish hue

Reckless Youth and Jay Prodigy choke Suicide Kid

A suicide dive by Reckless Youth

Dave Prazak on the mic

Reckless Youth and Dave Prazak

Reckless Youth talks trash to Suicide Kid

A very blood Ian Rotten

Another pic of the king of the Deathmatches

Ian Rotten Victorious!

The Best Damn Manager Jim Fannin is layed out after a superbomb thru a table

Ox Harley uses a cardboard with thumbtacks on it on Mean Mitch Page

Mitch Page uses the cheese grater on Ian Rotten

Ian Rotten with a head full of thumbtacks

Dave Prazak on the stic

Dave Prazak and Jim "The Hulkster" Fannin

Ox and Ian about to put Jim Fannin thru a table

Reckless Youth powerbombing J. Prodigy....wait J. is superplexing Suicide Kid, screw it its just a AWESOME move!!!

Reckless Youth jaws with the fans