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'Jumpin' Jimmy Jacobs

Date interview done: 7/16/00

When and how did you get started in pro wrestling?

JJJ: Well, my brother had started wrestling in the summer of 98 for Pro Wrestling Worldwide. I was a tag along for a long while. I video recorded shows, did commentary on tapes, helped setting up the ring, ran the music, or whatever odd job needed to be done. In February of 99 when Lakeshore Wrestling Organization got started, one of the refs was on vacation and they needed another guy to ref. The other referee, Art Mendez, suggested that they use me. I jumped at the opportunity. I basically started training shortly after that. While I was training, I continued to referee. I dont even remember how or why, but some where in a the course of a few months, I was no longer training to continue refereeing, but to actually wrestle. Then one week the booker just said to me that instead of refereeing on the next show, as I had planned, I was going to be in the battle royal. As it turned out, I would end up getting my first match on that show due to another wrestler showing up late, but that's a different story. So, at any rate, that's how I broke in.

Describe Jumping Jimmy Jacobs to us:

JJJ: First off, it's Jumpin Jimmy Jacobs, no "g" at the end of "Jumpin". Anyway, Jumpin Jimmy Jacobs is a straight up goofy dude. The gimmick is a cross between Spike Dudley, Doink the Clown, Al Snow, and X Pac, with a twist. Originally, the character was this sooooo off the wall rambunctious little dude who flips and rolls and flys like an airplane... oh, and of course, jumps around on the pogo stick. Since I first started, I've toned the goofiness down a bit to where I'm more personable to the fans. In fact, now it's almost a complete shoot with the goofy side of me displayed a bit more. Occationally I'll ever where sun glasses and a flashy shirt. I've also added a top hat which I think is a very nice touch. I use a lot of comedy wrestling too, just to make up for my lack of size. I figure people cant take me seriously anyway, so I'll just go along with that. All in all, JJJ is a very classic baby face, slapping the fans, hugging the girls, kissing the babies, and all that good stuff. The character would just be HATED infront of an ECW crowd, I'm sure, just because they would really think the whole thing is way too cheezy, and it really is. But thus far, most crowds I've worked infront of seem to really like the character, and I sure as heck enjoy it.

Describe the Big Bully Jimmy Jacobs to us:

JJJ: the BIG Bully Jimmy Jacobs is truly an outlandish character given to me by the PCW North promoter, and I will eternally be greatful to him for that. I've played around a lot with it and tryed to evolve it some. Basically, it's a great gimmick for me because it plays off my very small size. I'm 150 pounds, but I strut out infront of the crowd as if I'm Hulk Hogan. I get in the ring and pose my little heart out and act as though I'm the buffest dude on the face of the planet. It's another comedy gimmick and it fits me so well. I wear a fur coat and occationally put my hair up into 4 or 5 pony tails on top of my head. I really love doing the gimmick especially against larger wrestlers. I'd love to work a squash match against any 350 pound guy just on the basis that it would be so damn funny to watch. Unlike Jumpin Jimmy Jacobs, this gimmick is completely the opposite of what I'm really like in real life, but it's great to watch and it's entertainment value is endless.

What are your goals (long term and short term) in pro wrestling?

JJJ: I think over all my goal in wrestling is to become a well respected wrestler. I know that sounds pretty corny, but to have the respect of the other wrestlers is something I want. And even though I'll probably never make it to the big time, I wanna continue having fun in the indys and continue entertaining crowds to the best of my abilities. Specifically, a long term goal of mine is to work a WWF dark match. Maybe one day I'll referee in the big time. Who knows? In the near future, I'd like to work with different people in new federations, possibly start refereeing for Mid American Wrestling out of Milwaukee or maybe even a place like Ian Rotten's IWA. I'd also like to start wrestling more in the Detroit-area and establish myself as a wrestler in Michigan. Those are just a few things I hope to do in the future.

Who are some of your favorite pro wrestlers, past or present?

JJJ: I was always a Mick Foley mark. He was part of the reason I wanted to start wrestling. When I was younger, I liked Randy Savage a lot. Looking back at old WWF tapes, I love Ted Debiase. He's work was AWESOME! Now a days I like watching Kurt Angle and Steve Corino for their comedy and their in ring work. I love watching Melinko's work; it's incredible as well as Benoit, Guererro, Saturn, and Jericho. In the indys, I like watching Delicious Devon Daniels, Mike Quackenbush and Joe E Legend. I like working with guys like the Blitzkrieg Kid, Gavin Starr, and Special J or Ashley Traitor or Jared Thorton or Stacey Traitor or whatever new name he's gunna come up with :)

What has been your best match so far in your career?

JJJ: In all honesty, I havent had a best match yet. Nothing has been to the quality of a match I know I can have. If I were forced to choose, I'd say me vs the Blitzkrieg Kid for Great Lakes Wrestling in Livonia on June 23, 2000 or me vs Jared Thorton for Great Lakes Wrestling the next day on June 24, 2000. Both were pretty solid. I had tons of fun with a match I had with Gavin Starr in Lansing, MI on February 6, 2000. The crowd was so hot! If it werent for a couple sour points, that match woulda been awesome. I'm going to look forward to having other really good matches with those 3 guys.

What are your strong points in the ring?

JJJ: I think my mind is a strong point. I think that despite working only a little over a year, I've got a good mind for wrestling. I also use a lot of comedy wrestling, which I think I do quite well. I am also very eager to learn. I will never let my pride get in the way of learning which means I'm always open to do better and improve my skills in the ring.

What are some of your weak points in the ring?

JJJ: Definatly my size is the biggest. I'm only 150 pounds. I think both my gimmicks do a good job of using my size to my advantage. I will, however, need to bulk up quite a bit in the future. Also, because of my size, I have a lack of a good arsenal of moves. It doesnt matter so much when I'm a baby, but when I work as a heel, I need more moves and sometimes, I just dont have any good moves. I'd also like to improve on my high flying arsenal.

Who are some people that have had big influences on you in the wrestling business?

JJJ: Indirectly- Mick Foley, Ted Debiase, and Steve Corino

Directly- The Producer, L'artiste, Dave Prazak, the Blitzkrieg Kid, Gavin Starr, and Colt Cabana.

Is there anything you would like to plug?

JJJ: Check out my website at Also go to and check out my biweekly column, Shooting from the (Pogo) Stick It's pretty entertaining and informative. Go to indy shows and cheer the good guys and boo the bad guys. Wrestling is supposed to be fun, so have fun with it. Buy some videos from there too.

Is there anything you would like to add in conclusion?

JJJ: Muchas gracias to Garrett for doing this interview with me even though he thinks I'm a goof. :) Thanks to everybody who supports me. drop me an email at Life's a work; duck the clothes line. Just fake it baby! Adios