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Jimi V.

Date Interview done: June 1998

GM: How old are you?

JV: 24.......9-15-73

GM: How did you get started in wrestlting?

JV: I got started in pro wrestling in 1994 at Bodyslammer's Gym in Lima, OH under the guidance of Al Snow.....My first match was given to me by Sabu in August of 1994. He was running every two weeks at the time. I was working just about every weekend between Sabu's shows as well as Al Snow's and Dan Severn's...

GM: What promotions do you work for and have worked for in the past?

JV: I have worked for a number of promotions including: GWA(Lima,Oh) NWA (Sabu...Mich) NSWA(Dan Curtis...Mich) NWA(Dan Severn...Mich) SCW (Norm Connors....Pitts) ICW (Malcom Monroe...Mich) ICW (Indiana) Circle City Wrestling (Samples....Indiana) BCW( Scott D'Amore....ONT) NWA (Shawn Brown) AWF ( Chicago and Florida...TV) WWF (Indiana, Ohio, Mich.....)

GM: What has been the best match of your career in your opinion?

JV: My best match, in my opinion, may have to be the match I had against either Taka Michinoku at a Raw taping or a match I had against The Hunn....

GM: What got you interested in pro wrestling?

JV: I was tired of playing high school baseball and started watching wrestling on Saturday mornings. It is funny because most guys quick watching it around the age I actually started watching it....16 or so....I turned on the TV and saw the Ultimate Warrior tearing into Brother Love and Rick Rude....I was hooked from there on.....

GM: You have been making a name for yourself as one of the best up and coming wrestlers in Michigan and thru out the midwest? Is there any promotions you would like to work with that as of now you have not?

JV: I would love to work anywhere and everywhere...Wherever I can build a name for myself. ECW or NWA New Jersey would be nice for a while. Japan would also be great as well. I have yet to work for WCW, but that may be out of the question for a while because of my current WWF affiliation.

GM: Is there anything you would like to plug? shows, sites or promotions?

JV: I would like to plug a couple of good workers and promoters as well. Right now, things are looking really good for Lima, OH's GWA (Wayne Cryderman) as well as a newcomer in the Michigan area, Andy Muscat, who looks to have a ton of potential, having a style crossing between Sabu and Kanyon....Also Tex Monroe is an often overlooker brawler-type who is always a great addition to any line-up...

GM: Is there any other comments you would like to make?

JV: I would just like to thank those who have continued to support and give me the chance to shine....without breaks and timing, the road to success in this business is a lot longer......