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Mister Meaner

GM: How did you get started in wrestling?

MM: Who were you trained by? I was asked by a local promoter to get in training so I went to the Canadian Destoyers school of wrestling.....

GM: What promotions do you work for and have worked for in the past?


GM: What are your goals in wrestling, short term and long term?

MM: Short term is to pay my dues and long term is to work for one of the major feds

GM: What is your opinion on Malcom Monroe?

MM: I love the guy he has a great sense of the business and he has put some big names in the lights.....

GM: Can you describe your gimmick?

MM: lol im a role model for fat people or at least that is what im told lol im actually the 420 lb supercop.....Im the high flying fat

GM: Who are some of the indy guys on the Michigan scene you think will end up in one of the big three in the near future?

MM: I wish everyone the best...I personally like Skull Ganz,Truth Martini, Big Chuck Wagon. I hope everyone at least gets a shot but you know how this business is....

GM: What promotion in Michigan do you feel will take the lead in putting on the best shows?

MM: Thats a real tough question i like them all and i feel each will represent a good product right now the ICW and NWA and NSWA are putting the butts in the seats.....

GM: Are there any other comments you would like to make?

MM: One comment is i have a real problem with backyard wrestlers...its a unsafe enviroment... So to all you back yard wrestlers get trained and pay your dues when its all said and done youll not only be proud but youll be a professional

GM: Is there anything you would like to plug?websites?shows? ect?

MM: support your local wrestlers they are giving 110% and they are doing it to entertain you... Michigan Wrestling Online Its a great site for michigan independent wrestling....