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August 8th Update

I just got back from the journey to Oolitic to see my first IWA show. Overall I thought the show was great. I wont go into full results as you can get those in Jess McGrath's column.

The crowd was probably around 80-100. Which isnt what they wanted I'm sure but not terrible, Oolitic is a very small town. Every match was well worked except the first one which was Richard X vs Chris Class, both look like promising future stars, just had a bad match with a lot of spots getting blown or missed.

Reckless YOuth vs Suicide Kid vs BDL(forgot current name) was very good. Youth shows why he is the King of the independents. Suicide Kid looked very good as well. Just an awesome match.

Ian Rotten lived up to my expectations to being a wild pshyco man. He took and gave out numerous shots with thumbtack ball bats and other weapons. They delivered a super main event with a wild brawl and Jim Fanin(who had been drawing heel heat all night) getting superbowbed thru a table.

Ian got on the mic after the show and talked about numerous things. He talked about wanting to advertise shows during RAW and Nitro but he could not justify it cost wise. But he said the best way he could advertise a show was by putting on the best shows he could possibly do so people would spread the word. He talked about Danny Davis trying to ruin his promotion by spreading propaganda about the IWA to buildings he rented. He encourages fans in Indiana to talk to the sports commission and tell them they want IWA to stay the way they are. He said he wasn't going to quit on this promotion and he wanted to pack the building in Oolitic at the next show on Sept. 11th.

Thats it for today.

August 5th Update

I'll be making the trek down to Oolitic, Indiana to see Ian Rotten's IWA this Saturday. On the card is Ian Rotten, Mad Man Pondo, Reckless Youth, Axl Rotten and many more. Should be really good, I hope to have pictures.

Because of work I could not make it to the AWA show in Ionia, you can find results at Michigan Wrestling Online which I have a link to on the main page.

This news is a little outdated but Wolverine Pro Wrestling who is running a show in Garden City, MI on the 17th of September announced that a top cruiserweight from south of the border will be appearing at the show. They will not announce the name until the time of the show. Also on the WPW show, Brian Gorie reported that Chad Collier will no longer be working the show.

Music City Wrestling (NWA Worldwide) will be having a big show this Saturday. Headlining is Colorado Kid going against Terry Taylor with the stips that if the Kid loses he is gone from MCW for one year. This being a good way for Colorado Kid to make his entrance to the WWF. I don't really know how the WWF will use him. It will be interesting to find out.

Thats about all I have today.

July 29th Update

Wolverine Pro Wrestling has announced their main event for their show in Garden City, Michigan on Sept. 17th at the Knights of Columbus. It will be ECW star Steve Corino vs Jimi V. Should be great. Also on the card is Chad Collier, who trained with Dean Malenko, and is said to be awesome in the ring. More announcements on the card as they come in.

I'll be going to the AWA show in Ionia, Michigan at the Ionia Free Fair this Saturday. I may take pictures and put them on the website but I'm not sure yet. Greg Valentine, Sherri Martel, Bushwackers, and Honkey Tonk Man are all advertised.

NWA Worldwide out of Nashville is chaning stations. They are going from the WB station they are currently on to the UPN station in Nashville which will double their viewing audience. For more on this check out for the official news release.

I have been watching the recent ECW ppv Heatwave 99', and its very good, havent watched the main event yet, but all the other matches have been excellent. Especially the Nova/Chetti vs Doring/RoadKill and Guido vs Tajiri. The tag match with the Dudleys vs Spike/Balls was entertaining also. Steve Corino is slowling elevating to the top heel in ECW.

The Extreme Wrestling Federation will be coming to Angola, IN Sept. 18th at the Buck Lake Ranch. Angola is 40 minuts north of Ft. Wayne and about a hour and 15 minuts south of Lansing. On the show is Doink The Clown, Blaze Bigelow, Diceman Ronnie Vegas, and several others. Check it out.

Thats all for today

July 22nd Update

MECW held their debut show this past tuesday night at the Mecca (aka The Nashville Fairgrounds). The show drew in the range of 600-800 people. Yokozuna and Tatanka were the main event. Other workers were Bushwackers, Wolfie D, New South, Tommy Rodgers, TN Volz, Paul Adams, Chris Michaels, and several others. The show was also very "proffesional", with banners, a ramp, lighting, giving a good effect. They said they are taking over the Nashville Fairgrounds in November.

Wolverine Pro Wrestling has officially announced they are having a show in Garden City, MI on Sept. 17th. The building is the Knights of Columbus. No card has been announced but the feeling is they only want to use the cream of the crop in the midwest.

In Mid-American Wrestling on Aug. 21st in Milwauke, WI, a brother vs brother match will take place. Ian Rotten vs Axl Rotten in a barbwire match. Ian Rotten will be managed by the Sensational One, Sherri Martel. Another intersting match is a "Bed of Thorned Roses Match" , it is a tag match with Mad Man Pondo and the Mauler vs Axl Future and Arc Angel Vincent. The only way to win is to stick your opponents face into the bed of thorned roses!! Its original thats for sure.

Thats all for today, thanks for visiting the site.

July 19th Update

Over the last few months there have been several rumours that NWA Worldwide would be leaving their Nashville base and shifting to Georiga. Though they have cut down dates on the Nashville area, only having one show a month at the Nashville Fairgrounds but Bill Behrens(owner) stated they would be running shows in outlying cities around Nashville as well. They also will be doing regular shows in Georiga as they have for months now.

Mad Man Pondo didn't show up for his ICW match in Detroit this past Friday. No word on what happened.

The Lucha shows i mentioned in a earlier update in Chicago and Milwauke fell thru.

There is word of a new promotion starting up with backing from a big big company. I'll pass along more info as it gets verified.

ECW's first tv taping for the TNN show will be on Aug. 14th coming from Toledo, Ohio. Tickets go onsale tommorrow July 20th thru ticketmaster.

IWA is planning on having a big show Aug. 6th out of Clarksville, IN. This is the first show Ian Rotten has put on in a month or so and it looks like a big one. One Man Gang, Axl Rotten, Brian Lee, Mad Man Pondo, Reckless YOuth, and several others are all on tap for the card. For more info sign up with the IWA Newsletter by emailing

Thats all for today

July 13th update

Good news for Detroit indy fans, word on the street says Wolverine Pro Wrestling will be having a show in the upcoming months. I'll give you more info as it comes available. This promotion gave one of the best shows I have ever attended live last July in Dearborn, MI. Bringing in names like Reckless Youth, Steve Corino, Dudleys, Flash Flanagan, Wolfie D, Dan Severn, Axl Rotten, New Jack, and others. Can't wait for their next show.

In a strange happening this past saturday at the CWF show in Franklin KY, Alcatraz , a wrestler in the promotion, proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of his interview. She said yes. Check out the CWF site, theres a link to it on the main page.

Jackie Fargo wound up losing to Jerry Lawler this past saturday night in NWA Worldwide in Nashville. His valet Nicole Bass turned on him to set up Lawler for the win. Fargo then had his head shaved. This show had one of the biggest crowds NWA Worldwide has had. Some reports say close to a thousand.

Rumours of a big Lucha Libre show in Chigcago happening in August. A few years ago AAA held a show in Chicago and drew really well, so hopefully this show will too. I'll provide more info on the show as it comes in.

There is a big controversey going on over the happenings of a Shoot Show in Texas on June 26th. Angel Amoroso and ZEE had were to face each other in a shoot fight. On Angel's website(a link to her page is on my main page) she says that Zee told her to lay down for her, and has told her too the other two times she had faced her. Angel said ok but wanted to have the match last about 10 minutes to give a good showing. Instead after a minute Zee went to the finish and made Angel tap out. ZEE is a big name in Woman's NHB and this could be a big blow to her name. Check out the details at Angel's site

Thats all for today, Thanks for stopping by.

July 9th Update

On the Detroit scene the leading promotion, by the standards of drawing crowds is the NSWA ran by Art Marshall(aka Johnnie Diamond). They drew over 1300 fans at their debut show in Flint, MI. And also did well at their June 26th show. They've brought in talent such as King Kong Bundy, Tatanka, Pitbull #2, Gillberg, Headshrinkers, and many more. They also have a mix of Michigan talent such as Tommy Starr, Gene Austin, Jason Kronnan, The Producer, Brian Fury, Alexis Machine and several others.

They've done a good job at bringing the guys they advertsie as well. There next show is Sept. 25th and such names as Axl Rotten, Tommy Rodgers, and The Head Shrinkers are already advertises. The show is in Warren, MI and tickets will be available at all ticketmaster locations. Check out their website for more info at NSWA Website

NWA GA appears to be improving every week. The current champion Bart Sawyer(of Oregon and USWA fame) is very over with the fans. They have been putting over 100 fans in a very small building. Also the ceiling is low, I once saw on the tv show where Billy Black blocked a Lord Humongous powerbomb by grabbing onto one of the rafters and then doing a hurrancanrana. Also Silky Boom Boom now known as Dusty Dotson is beginning to improve with his new gimmick where he imitates Dusty Rhodes. Bill Behrens(promotor of NWA GA) has begun to run more locations in Georgia and has been having some success. This is good to hear as Atlanta isn't known for its big houses for indy shows. For a full report of last nights MCW GA show go to MCW and go to the message forum where poster MiddleGA gives a report on the show.

Tommorrow night in Nashville has a NWA Worldwide(MCW) show at the Fairgrounds with Jackie Fargo vs Jerry Lawler in a hair vs hair match. Its Fargo's hair vs Lawler's valet Stacy's hair. I have no clue who is going to lose this one as I don't see either one of those two wanting to lose their hair.

Also with NWA Worldwide, they have recently lost all the Badstreet Boys to WCW who all signed with them over the past month. Good news for them but bad news to NWA Worldwide fans. The Badstreet Boys were very over especially with the female fans.

This info is straight from Iron Ring Wrestling who is promoting a big show on July 20th in Kingsport, TN.

July 20 a huge card announced to take place the Buck Van Huss Dome in Kingsoport TN for the IRW return to the Tri-Cities. The card begins at 7:30. Scheduled for appearences are Kane and Terri Runnels from the WWF.

Matches sigened are: Greg Valentine w/Sherri vs. Rusty Riddle IRW Tag Champions Eddie and Jimmy Golden vs. Tracey Smothers and Dirty White Boy Bryan Wayne and Stan Lee vs Skyfire and Bill Justice National Champion Jeff Tankersly vs Jess James Romeo Bliss vs. Jesse Taylor Scott Sterling vs. Donnie Dallas Brian Hayworth vs. Bad PD Little Goldberg vs. Little Vader Also see the Electric Girls.

Email for more info on the show.

July 7th Update

Welcome to the first News Update, I hope to update this page fairly frequently so check back often.

The big news in Nashville is the upcoming show at the Nashville Fairgrounds this coming July 20th. Its being promoted by Reno Riggins and backed by him and a group of private investors. The Nashville Fairgrounds are usually the home of NWA Worldwide(Music City WRestling) which Reno Riggins until recently was a big part of.

Some of the people on the show are as follows:

Yokozuna, BushWackers, Chris Candido, Tammy Lynn Sytch, Tommy Rodgers, The HeadShrinkers(Samu and Fatu), The TN Volz (Reno Riggins and Steven Dunn), Flash Flanagan, WOlfie D., Tracey Smothers, Spellbinder, and several others.

That kind of lineup is making for a big show, its also going to be a tv taping. So it looks like NWA Worldwide could be looking for some competition. The first 500 fans at the show will also recieve a free t-shirt. Tickets are available at

The New AWA promoted by Dale Gange has been doing some big numbers in the midwest. In Fargo North Dakota they drew over two thousand to a show with King Kong Bundy, The Bushwackers, and the Iron Sheik, along with a number of good indy workers. Then this past week they ran in Wisconsin and again drew around two thousand with the same general lineup. These are unbelievable numbers for a indy and i hope they hold up. They will be having a show in Ionia, Michigan on July 31st, and Jackson, MI on Aug. 13th. Keep an eye on this upcoming promtotion.

In the Detroit scene, Insane Championship Wrestling is having a card July 17th. The main event is Mad Man Pondo & Mr. Insanity vs DBA and the Bug. Possibly returning to this show may be Psycho Ric Matrix. When ICW first started Matrix was one of their top workers. Then a year or more ago, he was the victim of getting beat up by a group of workers during a show. He hasn't been involved in the Detroit indy scene since.

Check out the new feature going on the main page today, its going to be Wrestler of the Week. IF you have anyone you feel should be wrestler of the week email me and let me know who.

Thats it for today,



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