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"Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce

Date interview done: 1/29/99

GM: When and how did you get started in pro wrestling?

AP: I got started in wrestling back in March of 1996. I was still in high school, and playing football (my first love). Anyhow, I hurt my knee pretty bad, and while I was rehabbing it, I met Sonny Rogers, a former AWA worker now living in Chicago. I starting training with him, and a guy named Randy Ricci, and it went from there.

GM: What got you interested in pro wrestling?

AP: I got interested in wrestling years ago. It must have been the early '80's. My brother and I would get shipped off every summer to Milwaukee to visit all of my relatives up there. Well, one particular summer, my grandmother conned my insane Uncle Mike to take us to the matches so we'd be out of her hair for a while. The AWA was in town at the old Mecca Arena in downtown Milwaukee. I remember seeing a very young Curt Hennig versus Larry Zbyszko. When Zbyszko came to the ring, my Uncle went absolutely berserk and was screaming at him like no tomorrow. Zbyszko did his thing, and must have shouted the word "Spudhead" a thousand times. From that moment on, I was hooked.

GM: Which wrestlers did you look up to growing up?

AP: Wrestlers I looked up to growing up??? Hmm...I would have to start with Ricky Steamboat. We got the AWA, WWF, and if we were lucky the NWA on TV when I was young. I remember watching Steamboat wrestle Flair and just being glued to the TV. Also guys like Arn Anderson, Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and of course Hogan.

GM: What promotions do you work for and have worked for in the past?

AP: I have worked for so many people that it would be a waste of time to name them all. I'll name a few that I've had decent success in...Mid American Wrestling out of Milwaukee, St. Paul Championship Wrestling in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Great Lakes Wrestling out of Detroit, IWA Mid-South Wrestling in Louisville, Continental Championship Wrestling in Chicago, Midwest Renegade Wrestling in St. Louis, Steel City Wrestling in Pittsburgh, Northern States Wrestling Alliance also in Detroit, and Wrestling Warriors Austria over in Europe to name a few.

GM: I heard that before the Grand Rapids ECW show on Jan. 21st that you got a sort of "tryout" with ECW where you worked out with some of the guys in ECW, how did that go?

AP:I came in and met with some of the ECW people before the Grand Rapids, and it went smoothly. There is definitely interest on my part in coming to ECW. I look forward to talking with ECW more when they come back out this way, and I'm sure that will happen. Right now, I'm getting some things ready for them to take a look at and evaluate, so who know what the future might hold. I look forward to talking in detail about my possibilities with ECW, but it's one step at a time.

GM: What are your short term and long term goals in pro wrestling?

AP: Goals in wrestling...Well, I've already accomplished my major goal, and that was to just wrestle. I'd love to work full time for a major company, and travel a bit more. I've worked in Europe, but I'd love to tour Japan as well. Right now, I want to be the best wrestler I can, and make sure the people know what "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce brings to the table.

GM: I hear you help run and teach at a wrestling school in Chicago called the Steel Domain, what info could you give on the school to people in the Chicago area interested in becoming pro wrestlers?

AP: I help out the the Steel Domain Training Center in Chicago. The school is owned by a couple of great workers named Danny Dominion and Ace Steel. I help out there along with Kevin Quinn who just recently did some work with the WWF, and Adrian Lynch. In the past we've had guest trainers like D-Lo Brown, and even the Iron Sheik (yes, that Iron Sheik). We promote a no-nonsense approach to the business, and provide comprehensive training in all aspects of wrestling. From what I've seen, I'd say that the Steel Domain is the BEST training school in the area. If anyone is interested give the Steel Domain a buzz at (773) 674 - 3888.

GM: Is there any other comments you would like to add?

AP: I'd like to say to everyone that has seen me wrestle, thanks a million. Without people like you, guys like me wouldn't have a job. And to those who have never seen me...keep your eyes open, because I'm sure you'll be seeing me one way or another. Support your local Indy promotions, that's where the stars of tomorrow are born. Don't forget to check out my website at: