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Indpendent Pro Wrestling Results

GLW Results

Fans, Here are the results of the Great Lakes Wrestling card at the Wayne-Ford Civic League in Westland, Mi. on September 25....

In the opener tournament match for the GLW lightheavtweight title.

Bo Lewis defeated Mr. Main Event w/The Producer

"Beautiful" Brian Fury w/The Producer defeated "Big Thunder" Karl Cox

Los Rudos defeated The Cold Brothers w/ David Prazak and Gideon Wainright

Elvis Elliott defeated Alexis Machine w/The Producer after Producer's interference backfired.

In more lightheavyweight title tournament action. Jimi V. defeated Steve Nixon

Elvis Elliott won a 12 man bunkhouse rumble where all weapons were allowed last eliminating Ice Cold....

Return date for GLW is November 20 at the Wayne-Ford Civic League in Westland, Mi....

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IWA Rankings and news

Before I do the rankings, I will address the announcement made at the show Thursday night. As I mentioned in the news update, next Thursday, September 17th, will be our last show until the anniversary show opens the new building October 15th. The month hiatus will allow us to devote our attentions to getting the Grand ready for opening and it will give the wrestlers a month to let their bodies heal in order to prepare for the beatings that they will receive in Indiana.

Now without further ado, the much anticipated highly debated first ever OFFICIAL IWA Rankings......................................................

IWA Heavyweight Champion - Harry "Babe Magnet" Palmer (since Aug 6) 1. Ian Rotten (former champion and was never defeated for the belt) 2. Cash Flo (Ian's former student is jealous that Harry was given title) 2. Rollin' Hard (recently had a win over Ian and is 1-1 vs. Couch Potato) 3. Bull Pain (former champion missed last night's card to work Thunder) 4. "Couch Potato" Mitchell Page (rookie just def. Rollin last night) 5. Corporal Robinson (was def. by Harry in a title match last night) 6. Alcatraz (huge rookie who has traded victories w/ Corp in a feud) 7. Ox Harley (former champion had been focusing on tag team w/ Pondo) 8. Mad Man Pondo (became the second man to be pinned by GQ. Ouch) 9. Doug Gilbert (a former champion who has been inactive in IWA lately) 10. Chip Fairway (beat by Harry in a title match September 3rd)

IWA Lightheavyweight Champion - "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce since July 30 1. Cash Flo-former champion now sidetracked in a feud w/ Ian and Harry 2. Suicide Kid - former champion who almost def. Pearce last night 3. Mike Sensation - great talent currently trying to join Old School Posse 4. Chip Fairway - just qualifies for this division w/ weight of 220 lbs 5. Sharkboy - member of Old School Posse just returned to action 6. American Kickboxer - former many time champion AWOL this week 7. Terek the Great - AWOL lately but a former champ like Kickboxer 8. GQ Masters III - He's on a 2 week winning streak!!!!!! 9. Tyran - another former champ that has been absent for awhile 10. Phoenix - young gun who's been unable to compete the last few weeks

Yes ladies and gentlemen we have a two way tie for being ranked number 2 in the heavyweight division. Cash had a series of matches with Harry that ended without a clear cut winner due to interference from Ian Rotten. Cash has decided to take an issue with Ian for the interference and that has left Harry to defend the title against other challengers the last couple of weeks. Ian just defeated Cash last night so that is why he is given the number 1 slot and Cash is put in at number 2. Rollin had been on an impressive winning streak defeating Ian and Couch Potato in recent weeks. His loss last night to Mitch causes him to be co-ranked at number 2.

I would like to hear some feedback from you the readers with your thoughts on who should be ranked where. Feel free to email me at iwa jim with your questions or comments.

Good day,

Jim Fannin (IWA Promoter extraordinaire!!!!!!)

(Credit Jim Fannin)