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Steve Corino

GM: When and how did you get started in pro wrestling?

SC: I got started in the winter of 1994 in Reading, Pennsylvania a school that was run by a indy guy in that area. But I really didn't learn much right away until I met Tom Brandi and he basically taught me everything from wrestling to the business end and how to conduct yourself in this industry.

GM: What got you interested in pro wrestling?

SC: Back in 1981 my parents just got cable TV and every month a channel called Prism would show the WWF from the Philadelphia Spectrum and I saw a match that involved Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito against Tony Garea and Rick Martel and I was just amazed. Then the next saturday just by accident I turned on WTBS and saw Tommy Rich giving a interview and I was hooked.

GM:Who did you look up to in wrestling while you were growing up?

SC: It all depended on what I was watching. I loved Tommy Rich but on the other hand I was the biggest Tully Blanchard fan because he just had the ability to get people to hate them. As I grew up I was a big fan of Jim Cornette and The Midnight Express (the Bobby Eaton/Stan Lane combo), Barry Windham, Shane Douglas, and Eddie Gilbert.

GM: You've been on a few shows for ECW now, have you signed a ECW contract yet? or do you plan to in the near future?

SC: I plan on signing a ECW contract in the future but I am in no rush. ECW and everyone affiliated with that company have been very good to me and I'm happy to be there.

GM: What are your long term and short term goals in pro wrestling?

SC: For the short term, I am looking to make a impact on Extreme Championship Wrestling. I feel I am very different than alot of the talent that is there and that makes me unique. For the long term I want to learn more of the business and production side of wrestling. I have always been very interested in how a successful television wrestling show is produced and I'm hoping to learn alot from ECW becuase I feel that their TV product is a great alternative to what you see on Monday nights and they know what there people want to see every week.

GM: Whats the accomplishment you are most proud of in your carreer?

SC: Just being in a industry in which you have gotten the oppritunity to either meet or work with your heros is unbelievable. But on the wrestling side, traveling to the USWA before it closed down and working in Puerto Rico were dreams come true. I was the NWA World lightheavyweight champion for 8 months in 1997 and even though the NWA will never be what they were in 1986 it was still a honor. Meeting and staying friends with some of the great guys in the business is something that fans will never get to feel and it something that is taken for granite because this is such a competive business.

GM: Are you under any type of developmental contract with WWF?

SC: I am not under any type of contract with the World Wrestling Federation right now. The WWF and mainly Jim Cornette opened up so many doors for me professionally and personally that I will always be very fond of that company but I am looking forward to a long career in ECW.

GM: What was the WWF Funkin Dojo like? what was your impression of it? any good stories?

SC: The WWF Funkin' Dojo was not only real tough but awesome fun. Devon Storm, Chris Daniels, and myself were the only guys up there that weren't signed to any long term deals so we quickly became the "Unsigned 3" to everyone. The WWF Funkin' Dojo SHOULD be mandatory for anyone that is either just getting in the wrestling business or thinking they are the best independent wrestlers. Dory Funk and Tom Pritchard drive you to become the wrestler that you want and they want you to become. They also teach that wrestling isn't just physical it's mental too. They had different WWF Superstars come in each day and help and if you can't learn from them you might as well quit becuase you must think you know to much.

GM: Do you have anything you would like to plug? websites? shows? ect?

SC: is almost ready to go. Anything from Whoo Wrestling is good. He really does a good job of covering every aspect of the wrestling industry on the internet.

GM: Do you have any other comments you would like to make?

SC: To all the "fans" that think they are above the guys that go out there and bust their ass every night; If you think you can do what we do, there is nothing stopping you from getting out of your "backyard fed" and learning what real professional wrestling is about. There are alot of fans that think that they are there for our entertainment and that's not true. It takes away from the fans that pay their hard earned money and come out to cheer and boo and go back to there lives.