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Terry Golden

GM: When and how did you get started in pro wrestling?

TG:I, like everyone else in this business grew up wanting to be in the business one way or another. I got in by a friend who helped teach me the ropes and getting booked out. Getting in is not that hard now days, things used to be a lot harder. I got in the hard way I worked my ass off driving hundreds of miles for nothing, and doing anything. I've been in the business now for almost 5 years.

GM: What promotions do you work for and have worked for in the past?

TG: Right now I work mostly for a new promotion out of Memphis called Kick Ass Wrestling. It's a lot like ECW when they first started out, very rough. I also work sometimes for MCW/NWA Nashville. In the past I have worked for USWA, AWA, Deep South AWA, and every indy around it seems like.

GM: What titles have you held?

TG: Well, I was Rookie of the Year in Ozark Mountain; I've held a lot of indy titles and the Southern Heavyweight title, as well as the MCW Heavyweight title.

GM: What are your feelings on Music City Wrestling?

TG: Wow, I have a lot of feelings about MCW, some good, some bad. I think MCW has a lot to offer someone trying to get a break in this business, but on the same hand I don't agree with a lot of the things that they do. I think they are a bit too soft, I think today's fans want to see a little more action than MCW. Although there is a place for everything and not everyone agrees with the ECW/Kick Ass style, I think the old style of wrestling is over. MCW has enough TV and pull to do a little of both, but as long as they push guys like Steve Dunn they will never get to the next level.

GM: How did Kick Ass Wrestling get started?

TG:Kick Ass got started because I was pissed off when Power Pro Wrestling started up. What happened was Randy Hales called me up and gave me a job with Power Pro. I gave Randy my word and he gave me his on doing business together. Well, just to set the record straight, Randy's word ain't worth shit. He's nothing but a liar. I gave up a run in MCW to work for them and he didn't even have the guts to call me or return my calls. Well, he said no one else could ever make wrestling in Memphis, TN work other than him. But the way I see it, he was bad wrong, because we are doing what our name says, Kicking Ass. Now Power Pro is trying to run shows in the same building we do, and we gave the ok because we don't think anyone wants to see the 55 year-old King or Superstar anymore. If people like that would quit when their time is up the young guys who should get a chance would be better off. And as far as Memphis goes, Kick Ass is the number one wrestling company, although PPW has better TV, they don't have a chance against KAW. If they think they can hang with us we have an open door for anyone who works for them to come on over if they have any guts, but we've asked before and they won't show, that should tell you something.

GM: Will your return to MCW be for a extended time or just for a few weeks?

TG: I have talked with the office of MCW, and we don't have everything worked out yet. I don't know if the fact of Bert being hurt will hold things up or not, but I would like to work in MCW more as far a full time if things were going right, I think I could do really well there.

GM: What is your goal as a pro wrestler?

TG: Goals to me are not like everyone else. I've always been a good athlete. I've been all state in two sports, I had a lot of offers from schools to play ball getting out of high school, but I turned them down. As for my goals in wrestling, while a lot of guys want to make it, I don't understand the meaning of make it. To me, I've already made it in life. I'm very happy and comfortable in my life for my age. All I try to do in this business is give the people their moneys worth, sometimes I sit in a locker room and I hear someone say they're just going to get out of a match and not work hard. I myself want to have the best match every night and make the other guys on the card work harder. If I can go to a town or a show and have the best match of the night and blow all the other guys away on the card, or do something crazy that makes the fans happy, well, then I have made it. I like to make it a lot, not just try to sign a big contract and think I made it, because if I am happy with what I am doing and the fans want to see me again, whether they like me or hate me, I'm doing my job. Money isn't everything, so my goal in wrestling is to make everyone buying a ticket enjoy the show.

GM: What has been the match you are most proud of in your career?

TG: The best match in my career; there are a lot of them. But the were all against the same person, Bull Pain. When I'm in the ring with Bull, it's like no one else. We've had some of the most brutal matches, the wildest thing that ever happened was in Memphis when we set a table up in the middle of the ring, I know you're saying, big deal you went through a table. Well you're right, we went through a table, but the cool thing about it was Bull poured a bottle of rubbing alcohol on it and lit the table on fire. The flames were at least six feet high and the heat was ungodly, so it was pretty wild.

GM: Do you have anything you would like to add?

TG: I know there are a lot of people who think this business is great and it is their dream to get into it. But just remember once you get your dream, it can turn in to a nightmare. So, nothing wrong with wanting something just be sure you know what you are getting in to.

GM: Do you have any thing you would like to plug? shows? websites? ect.

TG: Yes, Kick Ass Wrestling show dates. The shows are in Memphis, TN, held at the New Daisy Theatre on Beale Street, the upcoming shows are on Jan. 16th and Feb. 27th. You can also check out Kick Ass on the web at