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Ty Dalton

How did you get started in Pro Wrestling:

I finished playing football and was looking for something to do. As a kid I had wanted to be a pro wrestler, but hadn't thought much about it after that. A friend of mine's dad knew a promoter and suggested I give it a try.

How long have you been in Pro Wrestling:

About three years.

What promotions do you work for and have worked for in the past? I'm spending most of my time in Midwest Renegade Wrestling out of Missouri right now. I also work for Kick Ass Wrestling in Memphis. In fact, I'll be working there Saturday night. Occasionally I work for All Pro Wrestling in California.

I've worked for quite a few indy promotions although at times their alphabetical affiliations slip my mind. Some I can remember are: MMWA, CSWA, NMW, IWA(not Ian's), AWA(a TN Outlaw) and Afa's Top Rope Productions.

What is your main goal in wrestling:

I'd like to say making it to one of the "Big two" or Japan, but know that the chances are very slim as there are thousands of others with the same aspirations. I guess I'd settle for having people leave a show saying, "That guy was great".

What guys on the indy market currently do you think have a chance of making it big soon?

Almost anybody from APW. O'Grady and Grimes just signed with the WWF, but many of the other guys there are capable of "Making" it. I was impressed awhile back watching Andy Anderson and was amazed at some of the stuff I've seen Reckless Youth do.

Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?

That's kind of a tough question for me. I don't follow wrestling that much, so I either have to go on what I saw as a kid or the few chances that I get to watch now. I'd probably have to say on talent, Benoit or Malenko.

Do you have any intresting road stories or any funny things that have happened to you during your career? Yeah a few. I'll give you one that had the guys laughing for quite awhile. I was driving back from Memphis one night and it was *very* foggy. I was traveling with a guy named Tony Hall. We both were struggling to stay awake, so we decided to pull over at a truck stop and get some sleep. I must have had a dream about driving and thought I was going to get in a wreck. I woke up suddenly and saw a car right in front of me. I screamed sh*t and slammed on the breaks. Tony sprang up to find me trying to dodge a crash with another car parked in the lot.

Do you have anything you would like to plug? Sites, shows, ect.

Yeah, how bout this one:

Is there anything else you would like to add?

That's about it.

Here's some more info:

Ty Dalton

Height: 6'1" Weight: 232 MRW Heavyweight Champion Hometown: Cheyenne, WY Date of Debut: 3/12/95 St. Louis, MO beat The Ninja with a Bulldog. Birthday: 8/31/74 Finishing Maneuver: The Dalton Driver(Reverse Brainbuster) and The Dalton Drop(A Vertical Suplex into a DDT)

Bio: Ty Dalton began wrestling professionally just a little over three years ago. He made his debut after just 11/2 months of training. Since that time, Ty has continued to improve by spending time in both the gym and ring, gaining the size and experience needed to advance in this sport.

Just three months after making his debut, Ty captured the American Wrestling Alliance(an indy fed in TN) Lightheavyweight belt by defeating Derrick King. He held that belt for 8 months. After leaving the AWA, Ty went back to Missouri where he started his wrestling career.

Upon his return, Ty began a feud with "The Human Wrecking Ball" , Pete Madden. This feud has spanned five states and almost two years.

In the short while that Ty has been wrestling professionally, he has worked for many indy feds in the midwest and within the last year has started competing throughout the United States. He has held the AWA Light Heavyweight Championship, was one half of the New Midwest Wrestling Tag Champs with Danny Dominion and was the first Midwest Renegade Wrestling Midwest Heavyweight Champion. He has also worked for APW in CA, where he was given high praise by both the fans and the promoter. On his fourth appearance in APW he was given a title shot against the newly crowned champion Robert Thompson.

Ty lists working for APW and Wild Samoan Afa's WSWF as highlights of the last year, but winning the MRW Midwest Heavyweight Championship on April 24, 1998 in St. Louis is definitely his greatest moment of the last year.