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War Machine

How old are you?

WM: 21

GM: When did you get started in pro wrestling?

WM: December of last year, I sat in the crowd as a fan, and ran in during a Texas death match, causing the good guys to lose, I started wrestling the next month and I've been hated ever since.

GM: What promotions do you work for and have worked for in the past?

WM: I have mainly worked(and currently) work for Bad Boys Promotions, Ive also done shows for All Pro, SWA, and CWA.

GM: What has been your toughest opponent?

WM: I guess I would have to say 'Powerhouse' Chris Kilgore of The Fly Boyz, we've had some great matches.

GM: What got you interested in pro wrestling?

WM: I used to watch it with my dad every Saturday when I was a kid, and I've been hooked ever since.(By the way, my mom still hasnt forgiven my dad for that)

GM: Is it tough sometimes in the South to draw a good crowd because some areas are so saturated with indy promotions?

WM: Somewhat, we've just recently run into that problem in our area, but we've done just fine, most the fans around here, go to any wrestling they can find, so its only a problem if your running shows real close together on the same night.

GM: Is there any thing you would like to plug? sites, shows, etc.?

WM: Yes, the Bad Boy's Promotions website is located at:

GM: Is there any other comments you would like to make?

WM: Im really thrilled that im living my dream of being and wrestler and hope someday to make it to the big time, but if not I'm perfectly content wrestling here in my home state.

GM: Would you like to make your email address available to the fans?

WM: yes its