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Wicked Jesters

GM: How did you get started in pro wrestling?

Ace aka Skabb's : We were working out in the gym over the summer for college football and decided to check out an indy show and it totally sucked so we told the guy who was running it we could do better and started training"

Jon aka Vomit: I have wrestled Amateur since age 5 and Ace started in Middle school so we were known as wrestlers in our town and I was at college for a football scholarship and Ace was my lifting partner and we decided to check out an Indy show in our hometown and it was pathetic and we decided that were were totally ripped off and demanded our money back. The "promoter" was a foodstamp and he knew of us from newspaper articles on greco roman wrestling and asked us to come a be a part of the next show.

GM: What got you interested in pro wrestling?

Ace : We lived out in the country and didnt have cable but the only channel that would come in was a local channel and they showed USWA and WWF, so I would eat my applejacks and watch it. I thought it was so cool and I even had a subscription to the WWF magazine but once I got into "real" amateur wrestling I thought it was dumb. This is during the silly years 90-95 era.

Jon: My grandpa and I would watch it together and he loved it and had his favorite guys Joe Luduc, Sheepherders and I loved the Moondogs and Ric Flair every Xmas I always got wrestling toys and that was what inspired me to go out for amateur wrestling at age 5 so I could be like Jerry Lawler, man was I disappointed that I couldn't throw fireballs at the other kids on the mat.

GM: What promotions do you wrestle for now and have worked for in the past?

Ace: We have wrestled for almost every Indiana Indy, but most fell apart after a show but when we wrestle instate it is almost exclusively for WCWO sometimes CIW (Dick the Bruiser started it) and Bad Boys Wrestling and when we go out of state in Philly for Soul City Wrestling, MIchigan for Real American Wrestling, USWA Michigan, and its Ohio counterpart USWA Ohio, we have been to Illnoise for the FSWA.

JOn: We just got back from Wisconsin for WAW and we look forward to watching POD take the midget belt in the WWA the most violent indy in Illnoise, we have done a couple of little shows in Kentucky but now we are concetrating on going to shows where we can learn from veterans and see the country a little more.

GM: I've heard you have a strange gimmick. Could you describe it for me?

Jon: We will explain the jester names real fast, In football I got the nickname Vomit because the 1st day of practice I hit a kid so hard he vomited everywhere, then everyone heard about it and the nickname stuck, then I named my band Vomit Klown and now im still vomit.

Ace: The nickname skabbs is because the first time I took a straight up chair I busted my head up and had this gruesome scabb, I swear little kids were scared of this it made people want to vomit, so everyone started calling me skabbs, contrary to the rumors it is not because of my affection for easy women, maybe:)

Jon: But how we got our gimmicks is explained fully in our homevideo it will have the full story this is a 5 minute recap of over 2 years work.

Ace: Well we started out as the Irish Invasion/Setters/Invaders/Cripplers and we found a tough little midget who became our manager and he was the Leprecaun. He was doing pretty good but then POD the Pissed Off Dwarf, beat his ass. This was before the clown makeup and before we wrestled for real feds. We decided to help a Doink out and since my parents were kiss fans, yep my birth certifcate says Ace and Jon has a tongue like Gene Simmons, we were going to call ourselves Wicked Lester Kiss's first band name. This was before anyone outside of Detroit had really heard of ICP and Jon was in a band called Vomit Klown and it was started back in 92 and we thought wow we will become a famous clown duo nobody does that or so we thought, little did we know there was others with a clown obession too, does that clear it up?

Jon: I was like not, Lester that sounds like that creepy old man down the road who has boy scout meetings and he is not a scoutmaster ,since it was a clown motif I was like Jester and the Wicked Jesters were rolling just like Van Dam after a show ;0 Anyway Doink was going to work on a show with us. Isn't it amazing how many shows a "DOINK" shows up at, well they wanted POD to be his manager like a Dink, so we all painted up like clowns and everyone thought it was cool. Then about a year after were doing it we see Insane Clown Posse everywhere and were like who are they, but we are not ICP rip off's we were doing it before we heard of them as a matter of fact we also used to have a sock puppet over the spring and summer of 98 then mankind introduced Socko, we just have bad timing or something, now we know how Nova feels.

GM: Who did you look up to in wrestling while you were growing up?

Ace: Randy Savage, King Kong Bundy, Brutus Beefcake I used to try to put kids in sleepers at recess, Ricky Steamboat was a badass, but tagteam wise it would be the Freebirds all the way with some Conquistodores thrown in for good measure.

Jon: We will bring the Conquistodores out of retirement and the Moondogs we would beat them with them big ham bones they always had and we will make the Bushwackers go back to the Sheepherders if we ever ran a show and brought people in that we wanted to work.I loved Lawler, Flair Wooooooooo sorry, Bill Dundee and Eddie Gilbert ruled.

GM: What are your short term and long term goals in pro wrestling?

Ace: Short term to wrestle as many places as possible and learn from everyone we can the Iron Shiek sat with us for at least 6 hours and told us he thought we could make it and said he would recommend us, Jack Victory dropped some major knowledge about RingRats and everything else you could think about. Long term we want to become the best we can be and live up the billing of the hardest working team in the midwest and hopefully we will be on Monday nights entertaining someday. The Wicked Jesters tag-team of the new millienium.

Jon: Short term we are working on new moves, studying every tape we can find s from the 50's to deathmatches, meeting promoters, sending out demo tapes and being students of the game in general. Long term is to not get anymore serious injuries we have had concussions and I broke my ankle and had it in a cast for 3 months, POD has broken toes and hopefully we will keep getting asked to come work on shows.

GM: What comments would you make to any up and coming wrestlers out there?

Ace: This is what I tell guys after shows, to think about are you willing to lose every weekend? Willing to get hurt? Willing to spend thousands on gas, food, outfits, phonebills and demo tapes before you make a penny in return. Willing to risk losing girlfriends because they never see you because you are only home 1 or 2 days a month that they can see you and usually you will be wrestling. Plus if your really unlucky you have to put up with Bitchy the 8th dwarf, oops I mean POD :) plus people either think wrestling is cool or they think it is stupid and for some reason if someone doesn't like it they seem to think they know all about it and they try to convince others it is dumb. So we usually just have to go around hitting people like there drunk Nazi zoo keeper's and we are on Jerry Springer.

Jon: Between our cars we have put at least 20000 miles on them in 3 months, no joke. We don't consider ourselves "pro's" because a pro is someone who only does one thing and makes it full time. I work 50-60 hrs weekly and Ace is in college and we leave friday morning and we drive thousands of miles sometimes. I have wrestled left the show after our match and drove 8-9 hrs straight and just to go to work on time. No sleep just loudmusic and POD's snoring to keep me awake. Also please guys don't get cutoff's thinking you can be cool like Raven because there is enough Raven wannabe's. Also if you think your impressing the older guys by using lingo like ,jobber,jobroni, marks and color your not. We never did this because we know how hard other guys work too. If you spend monday nights with your friends and think your impressing people by saying so and so is joberoni your not, is that clear. Professor Vomit will be having more lessons asap.

Ace: Yeah don't tell people to suck it or come out and do a whole match of powerbombs and ddt's. Get your own style and if you say mark in a real locker room, it better be someone's real life name or the olderguys will know your totally clueless and can book someone with a clue next time. There is no such thing as an over night star.

Jon: We have slept in our car and have drove 393 miles to find out the show was cancelled but the promoter never called to tell us it was. If you think in 3 months you will be having your own action figure, you won't be and you have been warned. Don't do it unless you love wrestling I wrestled almost 2 decades amateur style and broke noses and bones and being famous was never even a thought, I just loved wrestling.

Ace: We have spent many hours discussing this topic and working shows where the promoter wants us to make his fat girlfriends 16 year old kid look tough, and the kid he isn't even big enough to look POD in the eyes, we have had promoters lie to us, sneak out the back without paying us, tell jon he paid me and tell me jon has the money. The classic no pay line is I will Fed Ex it to you tomorrow morning. I'm sure it is like that in every business but this is the advice we dispense.

Jon: I know were harping on this but 99% of other wrestlers will agree with us totally. The other 1% is sitting there in his Raven outfit wondering who Joe Leduc was and thinking was the Conquisdores the guys with Savio Vega a year ago.

GM: Do you have anything you would like to plug?sites?shows?ect?

Ace: well is awesome for us Indy guys, I would like to thank that guy. our site is and is the best Indy site I know of and it has cool pictures us, also we are working on a home video that will be like the low budget version of the Bret Hart documentry, I need to use my college degree in telecommunications somehow, you know. If anyone knows of a budget minded silkscreener email us please or if they want to buy a midget.

Jon: We want to think every guy who has helped us out, from the Iron Shiek to the Bushwackers to the WCWO guys to Chicago Steve and his brother Larry and every fan that has bought our picture or sent us email our webmaster. Keep supporting indy wrestling, indy bands and indy stores because they live and die from your support."

GM: Do you have any other comments you would like to make?

Wicked Jesters: Here's some future bumper stickers we will one day make Jesters they are not ICP but they put people in ICU Jesters ask your girl if were a great tag team, she knows the answer POD ask him where the growth went to instead.

WJ: We want everyone to feel free to email us any other questions at and thanks for letting us be the first tag team interview."